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INTEREST Basic mix. In each policy. Top economic relations. Novelty human civilization

1. Industrialism (Society)

Power = a. Employees Employees

b. Investments (derivative)

c. Natural Resources (Materials)

2. Business Formation (not directly read Production)

3. Finance

a. Currency (Economics)

b. Debt = Money economic governance. Transactive payment

c. Markets (Space areas of economy, trade)

Divided into 2 Talk

A. Interests of the interests of a state government

1. Money = State (Power)

2. Natural Resources (sovereignty)

B. The “Found” State =

3. Industrial Economics

a. Economic Capabilities

b. Results. This is important

c. Social Relations Production

What do you mean with “Gaul”? Diplomacy? Neither! However, … Ideologization! One of the “Idea” (Read, Hope for purpose. Utopia?). Hold = politicization (materialism)

Nationality ‘nation’. Communities in the State Society. No Individualism (capitalists). To the state – “Idea” (Social)

Is the People’s Power. The relationship between the Community. Nation of nations. Between Communities – State. Politicized dialectics = “idea” Powerful

In true dialogue Independence Stages of Man (Historical). Government demands “that the Constitution”. Against imperialism / colonization of Economics, impoverishment (through political) People

1. Power-over-Power = RIGHT (Work)

2. Money for Poor People Power

a. State Financial Liberalization

b. Control of the Industrial World

c. politicization Socialism

3. Control of Nature – Life – Economic Man

The contrast between the power (in the) State of Society International society (eg, Cuba, Vietnam, Iraq etc.. State = socialism). Poverty makes Depending on the state’s ability individualistic

Or, the formation of companies located in Business Economics Pressure Will Power Government (Foreign) in the fight industry in the State Finance Owner them. Conditional politicized = World Trade

– Dependence Decision profit

– Unilateral. Law (to) International

– Delivery (Responsibility)

Government, the State Economic Democracy (Politics = retain)

1. Power Production = Democracy. = National Association

2. Socialism for Industrialization

3. Duties and responsibilities of Labor Economics

Foreign Affairs, Public speaking Lingua Political Economy. JUSTICE. Free Man. Adopt Joint RIGHTS RIGHTS.


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