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STATE is the Constitution (?). Independence is based. Towards Social or dependent power used. Social Power – Nature. Or, the power of individualism to the Government. Shaping the Industrial Economy of the State Finance

1. Centralization (Read, Decision)

2. Balance

     a. Regional Government

     b. Transactive (Material – Function)

     c. Agriculture – Industry (Production)

In a free economy might achieve Financial Balanced, but not nationalization (Government)

3. Goals, Direction (Motion) 

Because, the existence of Population = Emigration – Race, Local births and mix. (However, not Populist to the Continent). After translation of Independence Area region = Democracy = Freedom = “How” of individualism to the ‘Nation’ of a Nation State Without Interest = State. Then, so “Peoples” (United, Unity) with the Government (States Of America)

     – The formation of the individualization RIGHTS

     – Power (ideology) to the State

     – Freedom = Actions. To Government

Three Basic Political work (Industrialization) “the Economy” – materials. Making Things Economy

Labor Problems

Economic Financial Problems


1. Wages. Government, Industrial Relations – materials

2. Money (Print, Provision) for Goods

3. State, Economy. Out = Purchase “Goods”

Market Problems


Not for Nation peoples in Asia, which has depended Water = State (Agriculture). Materialist philosophy while not in use. However, Culture – Agriculture and Production (the system) Formation Tradisionalisasi Goods. Politicized. Livelihood Projects. Guaranteed State (Finance) to reward

This, Socialism. Different, not to trade liberalism. So, INDONESIAN on the continent of Asia, not the Supplier Ingredients (Materials) 




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