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“Qom Nuke” = WAR ?

“Qom Nuke” = WAR


Not Economy in Pittsburgh



First world DISPLAY Barrack Obama (Racism? Go to White) by collecting some Government (do not read Pro) Beneficiaries of State Americans Dollar Economy. Production to Business (Industrialization) Basic Multilateral each dialogical 


President of the United (= National Land. States, State state), which Obama spoke at the meeting Nuclear Economics 

However, Nuclear Ownership in large quantities, any American Super Power. Not suspicion, before meeting with Israel which is also Africa. Attacked, Iran accused the State Military (= religious?). Endangered (whether) the United Nations, which declared candidacy Economy Campaign


1. The influence of power weapons. To Economics. In Asia and the World


2. American Nuclear balance – Russia (not the name of socialism)


3. Discussion of Finance “Economic Assistance” (American Leaders)


Experience, the “New” Socialism Society surprising. Apparently related Destroying Weapons of Economics – War in the World. Which has been the agreement of Civil – Military


No involvement of Population – Economics – Weapons (East, South – West = Agreement). Benefits are for Barrack Obama and America later?


For International Peace = The nation? For American Peace? (Yes! But, how the State is in the impoverishment of the country?)


Socialism is very understanding “Help” (Market? Non Loan?) Economics. Exchange = Without Menace, aims based Social Class RIGHTS


1. Nuclear in Qom. “To” American? Being Outside. Economics is not


2. Government of the Sovereign each able to speak. To Tehran


3. Economic (= US $) Help. This, Obstacles. In some countries (Production) 


Hopefully peace will not be damaged by the Economic diplomacy – one-sided “anti” American Nuclear President Barrack Obama (Mixed Racism) in their talk in Place / Old Town Historical meeting between politicians – statesmen – Party. Intelligence (also Espionage) with the Military for termination in the second World War in tough economic year 




So. Respect


Martyr Resistance


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